John Wegner

2001 Kurwenal Critique


John Wegner - Kurwenal 2001

Orchestras:    Opera North, Leeds and Bochum Symphony
Producer:     Keith Warner
Conductor:   Steven Sloane

Tristan:         Mark Lundberg
Isolde:            Susan Bullock
King Mark:   Donald McIntyre
Brangaene:    Anne-Marie Owens
Kurwenal:     John Wegner

Pared-down 'Tristan' has everything it needs

Financial Times; Feb 1, 2001

It is by far the most satisfying Tristan production I've seen in a long while.

The Brangaene and Kurwenal are no less sharply rounded out by Anne-Marie Owens, rich-toned and tenderly concerned, and John Wegner, forceful, staunch and virile.

The Observer Sunday February 4, 2001,6903,433002,00.html

Tristan und Isolde Opera North, Town Hall, Leeds

Donald McIntyre, a great Wotan in his day, brought simple dignity to King Marke, with John Wegner (Kurwenal) and Anne-Marie Owens (Brangane) also outstanding.
See if you can find five-and-half hours or so to spare.
--Fiona Maddocks
The Daily Telegraph 30/1/01

Glorious singing from Anne-Marie Owens as Brangane, the sterling Kurwenal and Marke of John Wegner and Donald McIntyre and the committed playing of the English Northern Philharmonia, all contributed to a fine performance, received with enthusiasm by a raptly attentive audience.

- Rupert Christiansen
Bochum Tristan

WAZ (local) 17/1/2001
Mit diesen Wagner-Projekt stellte sich ein ganz hervorragendes Saengerensemble dem publicum vor. Susan Bullock als Isolde Mark Lundberg (Tristan), Anne-Marie Owens (Brangaene), John Wegner (Kurwenal), Donald McIntyre (Koenig Marke) - sie alle verkoerperten ihre Rollen mit einer Intensitaet, die in keiner Minute den Spannungsfaeden zerissen liess.

With this Wagner project the public was treated to a magnificent singers ensemble. Susan Bullock as Isolde Mark Lundberg (Tristan), Anne-Marie Owens (Brangaene), John Wegner (Kurwenal), Donald McIntyre (Koenig Marke) - they all embodied their roles with an intensity which did not let the thread of tension break for even a minute.
Ruhrnachrichten 15/1/2001

Anne-Marie Owens als Brangaene, John Wegner als Kurwenal and der phaenomenentale Donald McIntyre als Koenig Marke sind weitere saengerische Truempfe.
- Klaus Stuebler

Anne-Marie Owens as Brangaene, John Wegner as Kurwenal and the phenomenal Donald McIntyre as Koenig Marke are further vocal trumps.

WAZ (Kultur) 12/1/01

... der markante, kultiviert singende John Wegner als Kurwenal.

... the striking, cultured singing John Wegner as Kurwenal.