John Wegner

2001 Telramund Critique


John Wegner - Telramund Sydney 2001


Opera Australia
Sydney Opera House

Conductor: Sebastian Weigle
Producer:    Andrew Sinclair

Telramund: John Wegner
Herald:       Teddy Tahu Rhodes
Heinrich:    Siegfried Vogel
Elsa:           Lisa Harper-Brown
Lohengrin: Glenn Winslade

Sunday Telegraph 12/8/01
“Lohengrin a Musical Triumph”
.... and in the role of her husband,
glorious baritone John Wegner
has never been better.
-- Diana Simmonds

Sydney Morning Herald 13/8/01
John Wegner’s Telramund was a
masterfully realised presentation,
in voice and manner, of the opera’s
most complex and ambiguous character.
-- Roger Covell

The Australian 13/8/01
“Dark forces almost steal the show” the collision of the sacred and profane,
the light and dark that lies at the heart of Lohengrin,
the darker elements come close to stealing the show.
John Wegner’s Telramund and Bernadette Cullen’s Ortrud
fairly sizzle as they make abundantly clear
the close association between sex and power.
-- Deborah Jones