John Wegner

2002 Simone Critique


John Wegner - Florentine Tragedy - 2002

Komische Oper, Berlin

Producer: Andreas Homoki
Conductor: Vladimir Jurowski

Financial Times 4/12/02

Florentine Tragedy at Komische Oper Berlin.
....Each piece demands an exceptional singer at its centre, and the house has found them. John Wegner is utterly engrossing as the angry, repressed Simone. His is a distressingly sinister performance, physically committed and musically intelligent, aided by a technique which lets him do whatever he wants. He has the effortless top notes, the dangerous lower register and the superhuman phrasing that the part demands; it's impressive.


Berliner Zeitung 19/11/02

"The Florentine Tragedy" places its emphasis on character development, the classical method in psychological drama. And with John Wegner as the betrayed husband, the opera presents a performer of such compelling presence that it would have been a pity to have missed experiencing it.

Wegner makes incredibly plausible the complex transformation from a normal citizen who is unsure of how to react on returning home and finding his unfaithful wife with a lover, to that of a murderer; and he succeeds in depicting the uncanny presence of such great archaic vengeance hidden behind the domestic appearance of a cloth salesman.