John Wegner

2004 Alberich Critiques


John Wegner News : 8/8/05


John Wegner (Klingsor, Biterolf 2005 Bayreuth) won The  Australian Entertainment Industry Association, Helpmann Award as, "Best Male Performer in an Opera" for his Alberich in the 2004  Adelaide RING.


The Sydney Morning Herald 9/8/05

The  Australian Entertainment Industry Association, Helpmann Awards


The biggest winner of the night was the State Opera of South Australia's $15.3 million production of The Ring cycle, which garnered 10 awards, including best opera, best special event, best male performer in an opera (John Wegner) and best female performer in an opera (Lisa Gasteen).


John Wegner as Alberich in Wagner’s Ring

Adelaide, Nov.-Dec. 2004


Adelaide RING  - John Wegner as Alberich


RHEINGOLD Festival Theatre Adelaide 16/11/04


The Age 18/11/04 by John Slavin

First round to Wegner as Alberich

Wegner with his great, dark baritone quite simply steals this production.


The Australian 17/11/04 by  Deborah Jones

 Yesterday's ovation for Rheingold was long and lusty, with a satisfying peak in volume for John Wegner, who sang Wotan in 1998 when State Opera of South Australia first staged the Ring in a bought-in production but now sings arch-villain Alberich.

Adelaide Adveriser 17/11/04 by Ewart Shaw

"The first scene, with the Rhine maidens and John Wegner, was incredibly good. I think that scene was the best opening to any Rheingold I have seen anywhere in the world, including the (New York) Metropolitan, Covent Garden, Bayreuth, anywhere," Mr O'Loughlin said.

The Opera Critic

John Wegner gave the standout performance of the evening as Alberich


Sydney Morning Herald 18/11/04 by Roger Covell

Das Rheingold, as prologue, is the section of the cycle least dependent on singing of exceptional brilliance and size, though in John Wegner's Alberich, chief of the earth-delving Nibelung race, it has a performance that would command attention in any company. There is nothing dwarfish nor contorted in this Alberich's stance, manner or vocal timbre. The black malevolence of his voice rings out with primary force and consistency, matching his lank, black hair and his costume of unrelieved black leather.

Adelaide Advertiser 18/11/04 by Ewart Shaw

The Rhine maidens (Natalie Jones, Donna-Maree Dunlop and Zan McKendree-Wright) are a playful trio whose temptations lure men to their deaths, and here they perform with one of the great singers in this repertoire.

John Wegner as Alberich is simply outstanding, a performance delivered with immense power from his first words to his delivery of the Nibelung curse.

Sunday Mail 21/11/04 by Matt Byrne       Thunder roars from the Underworld

The Lord of Das Rheingold is definitely on stage, where John Wegner produces a charismatic performance in Black leather as the ambitious Alberich, who seeks love in the slippery charms of the Rhinemaidens.

Although Das Rheingold is very much the entree to the four-part Ring Cycle, Wegner sets a mighty standard, with a magnetic portrayal that sets up the fateful drama to come.

It is a vocal and invidious tour de force of unmitigated evil with Wegner unleashing his vocal powers and more than willing to get down and dirty in his vengeful quest for domination.

The Bulletin 24/11/04 by Humphrey McQueen

At the core of Das Rheingold stands Alberich, John Wegner rang true in every fibre of his being to establish the nobility for Alberich to be Wotan’s doppelgänger.

Siegfried 19/11/04

Sydney Morning Herald
22/11/04 by Roger Covell

 John Wegner's superlatively sung Alberich, dashing enough to be mistaken for the epic's hero, makes a brief reappearance;

The Advertiser 22/11/04 by Ewart Shaw

Confronting the outstanding Alberich of John Wegner in a torch-lit battle of will, John Brocheler consolidates his position as a superb singing actor


Götterdämmerung 22/11/04

Sydney Morning Herald 24/11/04 by Roger Covell

 ..... Alberich (the superlative John Wegner)


The Age 24/11/04 by John Slavin

In a phantasmagoric scene Alberich (John Wegner) appears to Hagen and counsels him that, since he can attract no woman, he should hate those who are in love.

Ring Cycle 1

The Australian 25/11/04 by  Graham Strahle

Aussie Ring Triumphant

A superb cast is assembled. Lisa Gasteen as Brunnhilde is extremely gutsy: from the moment she utters her blood curdling "Hojotoho" she exercises great impact. John Wegner as the lust-driven Alberich is the first of two magnificent basses. Like a bikie gang warlord in glossy black leathers, he plays this evil character with swaggering malevolence.

The Adelaide Review 26/11/04 by Michael Morley

John Wegner's richly characterised and superbly sung Alberich carried all before him. His 1998 performance as Wotan stood out in a strong cast: if anything, his riveting, three-dimensional depiction of this frustrated, malevolent yet human figure is even more memorable - part Richard 111, part Rigoletto, and wholly compelling.

State of The Arts 5/12/04 by Jeremy Eccles

But then the first creature to disturb the calm and steal the gold to recast it as an all-powerful ring, is the Nibelung, Alberich, played here as a greasy rocker, hints of Alice Cooper! Sung with a voice of burnished pig iron by Australian John Wegner, he pretty much stole the opening opera, Das Rheingold. He charmed and tricked the wet-suited Rhinemaidens, he dominated the serried ranks of dwarf/children and his mad-scientist brother, Mime (Richard Greagher) toiling underground to recast the Rhinegold. But he’s then tricked by the wily gods into turning first into a dragon then a toad – at which point they pounce.


The Opera Critic 5-12-04 by Rosalind Wadley

The god's sanitised whiteness looked spineless next to the sexy black leathers of Alberich (a slimy, sinister John Wegner with a midnight voice)